The Pastor’s Word – The Shining Son

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The Pastor’s Word – The Shining Son

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A few weeks ago, I woke up so sore. It felt like someone had beat me in my sleep. I stayed in bed longer than usual and it took everything in me to go about my day. But I had no choice. Lying around wasn’t an option, so I got up.

The parking situation made it such, that when I arrived at my first destination, I had to walk a bit of a distance. So, I pulled my tired, beat down self out of my car and began to walk. The sun was shining on this October day and with each step I took, the warmth of the sun provided the strength to keep going. It warmed my beat-up limbs. It was almost like a lubricant and I felt like I could walk all day.

I realized, in that moment, how much the SON is like that when my heart is hurt, my soul disquieted within, or my life in shambles. I realized that when I wake to a day of feeling beat down by life, if I just realize I have no choice but to pray to My God. I will not only receive the strength to get out of my bed of affliction; the SON will meet me and give me what I need to run on and see what the end will be! Read Psalm 25.

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