The Pastor’s Word – Texting

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The Pastor’s Word – Texting

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I recently read that out of gaming, phone calls, social media, and browsing the internet; texting is used the most on smartphones at a rate of 44%. Phone calls lag behind third with only 12% of our usage going toward reaching out to touch someone with our voice.

I certainly find texting a quick and convenient way to communicate, but notice like any other means of non-verbal communication, something of value is lost. Misunderstandings occur, tones are misinterpreted, and that personal touch that means so much is gone. We are a social people created to fellowship one with another. That doesn’t always happen during texting.

While traveling in Fiji, one of the treasures of this journey was the genuine friendliness of the people. It is expected that when you’re a tourist somewhere, the people are trained to be friendly; however, what I experienced in Fiji was out of the norm. It was strange because it was genuine. Fijians are truly the nicest people I’ve ever met in a foreign country and what they give can’t be replicated through a text.

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