The Pastor’s Word – Baptism

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The Pastor’s Word – Baptism

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Today we will baptize a new member. In the United Church of Christ, Baptism is one of two sacraments we celebrate; the other is Communion. In God’s Holy Word, these are two celebrations Jesus has invited us to experience with him. We are there when his ministry begins at the River Jordan and his cousin John the Baptist gives us a glimpse of what will happen at the end of Jesus’ earthly ministry. When Jesus went down into the water, this symbolized death and burial. He went down for us and buried the sin that has kept us in bondage. When he was brought back up, this was the resurrection. Jesus showed us that when we come back up, not only are we no longer held in bondage to sin, we too will get back up and live! To God Be The Glory!

Yours in Faith,
Rev. Mel

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